Creating a Semantic Enterprise Content model to support continuous content acquisition, coverage and utility

Elsevier – a global scientific publisher – is leading the way in advancing science, technology and health.


The Unified Governance Use Case - Using semantic web technologies for improved software development processes

This presentation will show how different software development processes like requirements engineering, bug-tracking and customer support can be enhanced by using semantic web technologies. With the help of an extraction pipeline all information e.g.

Stephen Buxton
Product Manager for Search and Semantics


Data Integration - a Multi-Model Approach

The main challenge - and opportunity - facing enterprises today is not the *volume* of data at their disposal, it's the *variety* of data. Important information is kept in silos in many formats and shapes, with little or no semantic context.

Cody Burleson
Director of Product Innovations


Towards Making Linked Data Mainstream - A Product Development Journey

This presentation shares one company’s journey, spanning more than ten years, to build “a killer app for the Semantic Web”.

 Andreas Blumauer
CEO / Co-founder of Semantic Web Company
Semantic Web Company


Linked Data - The Next 5 Years: From Hype to Action

Linked Data and the Semantic Web have been around for quite a while and have been hyped again and again. In the meantime, a large number of enterprises and even whole industries have adopted semantic web technologies for several purposes.

Metadata and Linked Data Specialist
BBC Design & Engineering


ADA – Opening up the BBC archive with linked data

The BBC has a wealth of permanently available programmes across a wide range of subjects with very low viewing figures.


Architecture for a Question Answering Machine

We present QUARK (QUestion Answering Rendering Knowledge), an
architecture and a prototypical first partial implementation to answer customer


E-government at its best: Open, transparent and useful

We discuss and demonstrate how selected governmental data from the city of Leipzig,
published as Linked Data, can play a decisive factor for realizing Digital Agenda goals of the European Commission.


Improving Cross-Border Accessibility of Court Decisions

The internet revolution has urged judiciaries to publish many of their decisions online.


RDF Data Processing and Integration Tasks in UnifiedViews: Use Cases & Lessons Learned

In the last few years, UnifiedViews (, became a widely used and accepted solution for management of RDF data processing and integration tasks.


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