Stephen Buxton


Data Integration - a Multi-Model Approach

The main challenge - and opportunity - facing enterprises today is not the *volume* of data at their disposal, it's the *variety* of data. Important information is kept in silos in many formats and shapes, with little or no semantic context. If only we could integrate this data into a 360 view of the customer/patient/BadGuy/assets/risks we could get more insights and make better decisions.
MarkLogic is an enterprise NoSQL database with several years of success at mixing two important NoSQL data models - documents and triples - to integrate siloed data for search and analytics. In this presentation we'll describe how to model with documents and triples together, and we'll show some real-world successes with the approach. We'll finish with a sneak peek at some work in progress that will add SQL to the mix.


Stephen Buxton is the Product Manager for Search and Semantics at MarkLogic, where he has been a member of the Products team since 2005.
Stephen is the co-author of "Querying XML" and a contributor to "Database Design", a book in Morgan Kaufman's "Know It All" series.
Before joining MarkLogic, Stephen was Director of Product Management for Text and XML at Oracle Corporation.

Stephen Buxton

Product Manager for Search and Semantics