SEMANTICS gives awards on Best Papers, Best Posters, Innovation Projects and the new donated price for the European Linked Data Contest.

European Linked Open Data Contest

  • 1st place: the Austrian Startup openlaws.
  • 2nd place: LOTUS: A Search Engine for the Web of Data by The Network Institute, VU Amsterdam
  • 3rd place: Describing local governments and their activities using Linked Data by Civil Kapocs Egyesület

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European Linked Enterprise Data Contest

  • 1st place:  BBC in partnership with Learning on Screen and Jisc with their project The Research and Education Space (RES)
  • 2nd: AtomGraph by Martynas Jusevičius
  • 2nd (ex aequo): WAVES: Big Data Platform for Real-time Semantic Stream Management by ATOS

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Vocabulary Carnival

  • 1st place: Laura Daniele (The Smart Appliances REFerence ontology)
  • 2nd place: Markus Freudenberg (DataID core)
  • 3rd place: Milan Dojchinovski (NIF -The NLP Interchange Format)

Best Paper Award

  • Guangyuan Piao and John G. Breslin:
    Exploring Dynamics and Semantics of User Interests for User Modeling on Twitter for Link Recommendations

Best Poster & Demo Award

  • Natanael Arndt and Norman Radtke
    Quit Diff: Calculating the Delta Between RDF Datasets under Version Control

Best Innovation and Transfer Project

The SEMANTiCS conference is a venue, where Academia and Industry meet to close the gap and transfer innovative ideas and solutions. Among all contributions to the SEMANTiCS conference,  members of the Insitute for Applied Informatics (InfAI, will choose the "Best Transfer and Innovation Project". We would like to value the hard work and effort undertaken to push research toward business-ready technologies.

  • Semalytix