David Kuilman


Creating a Semantic Enterprise Content model to support continuous content acquisition, coverage and utility

Elsevier – a global scientific publisher – is leading the way in advancing science, technology and health. Core to this strategy is the continuous priority to develop content that covers more domains, show increased quality, offer more features and integrates better with analytics and technology. The goal is to move from content based products and services to answer based services that help customers make better decisions, discoveries, experiments and treatments. To support this strategy, Elsevier has designed an enterprise content model in an evolutionary way that not only covers the existing base of scientific literature, but also allows the adoption of new content and data classes like patents, grants, research data and adaptive learning content.


Experienced in content modeling and content-centric processes for many lines of business: b2b publishing, industry, education and governmental organisations. Active member of SGML/XML community since 1995. Member of XML Holland board in 2004-2008. Experience gained in content projects in the role of developer, consultant, project manager and business executive. Always interested in complex, content centric change management projects that require non-trivial technical solutions coupled to a no-nonsense focus on business execution.