Mekon: Intelligent Content Solutions

Mekon provide consulting, integration, and support services for organizations with complex content management needs. We bring together the efficiency and power of granular, schema-based information with the taxonomical rigour and automated intelligence of semantictechnologies.

Manufacturers with extensive product families must guide users quickly to the information they need. Regulated industries need legal approval for individual chunks of text. Training and research organizations must connect related content from disparate sources so that learners can follow a personalized path. We use structured content technologies to meet these needs by managing and recombining smaller, templated chunks of content, typically stored as XML. We implement innovative, taxonomy-based management and delivery solutions that maximise the productivity of authors and transform the end-user experience.

IA & Taxonomy

Your customers don’t want to wade through irrelevant content. With a robust information model, you can manage content components effectively to deliver exactly what they need.

Prototyping & Piloting

Mekon’s direct approach lets you evaluate new tools and processes against your real requirements, proving feasibility and revealing any hidden risks before it is too late. 

System Implementation

We design and put together component content management solutions combining easy authoring, high-quality layouts, and personalized online information delivery. 

Don’t miss Joe Pairman at 1030 on Wednesday presenting Multiplying the Power of Taxonomy with Granular, Structured Content. Join this presentation and learn how taxonomies can be applied effectively to structured content authoring and delivery environments.

Joe and Mekon’s CEO Julian Murfitt will be available throughout SEMANTiCS 2016 in the exhibition area – stop by and find out how we can help you with your content needs. 

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