Jo Kent


ADA – Opening up the BBC archive with linked data

The BBC has a wealth of permanently available programmes across a wide range of subjects with very low viewing figures. We wanted to create a route into these programmes which balanced the need for curated, high quality journeys between programmes which would be easily accessible to our audiences and the limited resource available for that curation effort. In developing ADA we relied heavily on audience feedback to ensure we were creating intuitive, serendipitous journeys which could surprise and delight our audience while minimising the producer effort required to maintain the links. We investigated classification systems, hierarchies, ontologies and graphs and researched user preferences in regard to learning and archive access to develop a solution which met our audience needs in an entirely different way that the recommendation systems we have used in the past.


Jo Kent is a metadata and linked data specialist working in the BBC Radio and Music Multiplatform team. In this role she has created a specialist recommendation system which uses linked data to provide links between programme subjects. She began working on websites in an editorial capacity whilst completing a BSc (Hons) in Computing and IT and has since worked in a variety of editorial and technical roles including business analysis and project management in fields as wide ranging as travel, education, telecommunications, local government and media. Taking an early interest in metadata and linked data, she’s been working in this area for over 10 years.

Metadata and Linked Data Specialist

BBC Design & Engineering