Aad Versteden
Innovation Manager


State-of-the-art web applications fuelled by Linked Data aware microservices

The presentation introduces and discusses a platform for building state-of-the-art web applications fuelled by Linked Data aware microservices. The platform assumes a mashup-like construction of single page web applications which consume various services.


Smart data for Smarter Fire Fighters

How can the application of Smart Data help emergency response services like fire departments cope with the challenges they face in our modern information society

Arjen Santema
Information Management and Innovation


Linked Data Theatre, an open software library for publication and visualization of data on the web

The Linked Data Theatre (LDT) is an open source software library. It contains building blocks for publication and visualization of Linked Data. The intention is to give data a stage on the web.


Artivity: Capturing provenance data about digital artwork

Understanding the techniques of artists is an essential part of studying art and art history. Artivity is an RDF-based platform which can document the creation process of digital artwork along with the research method.


On creating a Web of Archival Data: Current state and lessons learned from the Archival Linked Open Data (aLOD) project

Archive Catalogs are not as valuable as they could be as they lack connections with the Web of Data.

Thomas Kaleske
Senior Integration Architect


KN(owl)edge – the Linked Data Platform at Kuehne + Nagel

In 2015 Kuehne + Nagel started the evaluation of semantic web based on a concrete use case from contract logistics. The project results were presented at The Open Group London Event and Member Meeting, from 25-28 April 2016.


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