Towards a holistic visualization management for knowledge graphs

Knowledge graph visualization is a big challenge but at the same time a huge success factor for a project. Often, graph visualizations are used but they do not cover all use cases, especially in an industry project.

Chief Technology Officer


Putting Standards into Action: Multilingual and Semantic Enrichment in Web Site Personalisation and Localisation

This presentation showcases FREME, a framework for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital content, in two industry domains.

Ontologists and Semantic Web Developer


Methodology, LOD Slovakia and Slovpedia in the context of SEMIC

This presentation aims to describe the adoption process of semantic web public data standards in Slovak Republic focusing on real use case scenarios. The standardization process started in 2013 under the Ministry of Finance where the main goal was to use URI for public resources.


Hybrid semantic document enrichment using machine learning and linguistics - The Cogito Studio

Document categorization and indexing is often either purely manually rule-based or  purely driven by statistics. In real-world scenarios the short comings of both approaches, respectively, prove problematic: Rule-based approaches require a lot of resources and insight.

Andrea Volpini
Chief Executive Officer


Reimagining news blogging with linked data publishing

The massive amount of content being produced inside and outside the newsroom needs to be organized and curated to meet the evolving demands of the audience.

Joe Pairman
Lead Consultant


Multiplying the Power of Taxonomy with Granular, Structured Content

In taxonomy for information management or web publishing, you are limited by the shape of the content. However granular your terms, most CMSs  can only apply them to whole documents or pages. Some organizations have more complex content management needs.

 Hans van Bruggen
Director / Senior Regulatory Affairs Scientist
Qdossier B.V.


Semantic interoperability to manage medicinal data and exchange IDMP messages with different regions

Most pharmaceutical companies lack horizontal process integrations; each business silo manages a subset of information around development and product life cycle. During the life span of a product the same characteristics are exchanged by various disciplines.

Krzysztof Cieśliński
Senior Software Engineer


Registry of clinical data for PTChO – rectal cancer module.

In my presentation I will show the registry of clinical data that we implemented for the Polish Society of Surgical Oncology (PTChO). This application is in production since the beginning of 2016.


From documents to datasets: challenges and solutions in the context of IDMP and pharmacology

To obtain authorization to bring a medicinal product on the market, 200,000 pages of text need to be submitted. The upcoming effectuation of the IDMP directive (EU) forces pharma companies to submit datasets instead. This has enormous impact. The challenges that this poses are manifold.


Semantic support: the secret sauce for structured authoring

Structured authoring means that organizations must change the behaviour of their authors. Engagement of authors, reviewers and contributers is the key-succesfactor for organizations who are moving to structured content.  


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