DBpedia Day 2016

SEMANTiCS 2016 will host the 7th edition of the DBpedia Community Meeting on the last day of the conference (15th of September - 'DBpedia Day').  

 Community Meeting

DBpedia is an international crowd-sourced community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons and to make this information available on the Web as Linked Open Data.

The success of the last two community meetings in Palo Alto with approx. 70 attendees and in The Hague with 100 attendees and the increasing number of specific language chapters proves that the DBpedia community is constantly growing and gaining more and more significance and impact in the Semantic Web Community.

This year's topics

A central topic of this meeting is to discuss the new DBpedia & DBpedia+ Data Stack (v. 2016-04) release. The DBpedia Ontology and current developments in ontology management will be adressed by special guest Monica Solanki from Oxford University, a leading expert in this field.

Other subjects will reflect the efforts of the DBpedia community on a general Public Data Infrastructure for a large, multilingual, Semantic Knowledge Graph. In addition, there will be a showcase session on current developments and a DBpedia Dev session about technical issues and challenges in DBpedia as well as hands-on tutorials for DBpedia newbies.

Highlights include

  • Keynote by Lydia Pintscher, Head of Wikidata
  • Keynote by Harald Sack, Hasso-Plattner-Institut
  • Wikipedia/DBpedia Citations & References challenge session 
  • DBpedia Ontology Discussion: The DBpedia Ontology and current developments in ontology management will be adressed by special guest Monica Solanki from Oxford University, a leading expert in this field.
  • DBpedia & DBpedia+ Data Stack (v. 2016-04) release
  • DBpedia Spotlight session dedicated to setting an agenda for future sptlight development. 
  • Discussion about fundraising and how funding is acquired by the  DBpedia Community
  • A vote for the seats in the board of trustees
  • Tutorials to learn about DBpedia and its tools
  • Space for the community to show their tools and success in presentations and posters



  • Magnus Knuth, HPI, DBpedia German
  • Monika Solanki, University of Oxford, DBpedia Ontology
  • Julia Holze, DBpedia Association
  • Dimitris Kontokostas, AKSW/KILT, DBpedia Association
  • Sebastian Hellmann, AKSW/KILT, DBpedia ASsociation

Call for Contribution

Please submit your proposal through our web form.
Contribution proposals include (but not limited to) presentation, posters, demos, lightning talks and session suggestions.


Full Programme for dbPedia-Day

DBpedia Community meeting is included into SEMANTiCS conference fee
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