Arjen Santema


Linked Data Theatre, an open software library for publication and visualization of data on the web

The Linked Data Theatre (LDT) is an open source software library. It contains building blocks for publication and visualization of Linked Data. The intention is to give data a stage on the web. We see the LDT as a kind of common facility, a toolkit that app builders an organisations can use to share data including the meaning and provenance information of the data and suitable visualizations. So the LDT is also a Linked Data Toolkit.


Arjen Santema works as a consultant information management and innovation at the Dutch Cadastre. One of his focus areas is data management, especially in connection to meaning and provenance information on the data. He studied psychology at Groningen University and informatics on the Open University. In the past he worked as project manager and IT architect in mental healthcare an in the departments of justice and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. His drives are the connection of people and the sharing of knowledge.

Arjen Santema

Information Management and Innovation