Sebastian Faubel


Artivity: Capturing provenance data about digital artwork

Understanding the techniques of artists is an essential part of studying art and art history. Artivity is an RDF-based platform which can document the creation process of digital artwork along with the research method. The captured data is critical for attributing art which is increasingly shared online, but also for interpreting individual artworks and their context within a given social and technical environment. The project is a cooperation of the University of the Arts, London and Semiodesk GmbH and was funded by JISC.


Dipl. Inf. (FH) Sebastian Faubel started his professional career as a freelance programmer and consultant in 1998. He has studied Computer Science at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg, where he graduated in 2008 and received the ‘Best Student and Demonstration Award’ for his diploma thesis at the International Semantic Web Conference in the same year. After working for a renowned CAD manufacturer, he went on to become co-founder at Semiodesk GmbH in 2010. The company won the 'Best Innovation and Transfer Project' Award at the SEMANTiCS in Leipzig 2014.

Sebastian Faubel