Adrian Gschwend


On creating a Web of Archival Data: Current state and lessons learned from the Archival Linked Open Data (aLOD) project

Archive Catalogs are not as valuable as they could be as they lack connections with the Web of Data. aLOD enables archival institutions to easily provide a high value catalogue as Linked Open Data, by providing open source software to interlink their catalog with other datasets as well as web based applications to easily access the catalog data.

aLOD is developed by Zazuko since autumn 2014 in close collaboration with the Swiss Federal archive and the archives of four cantons (Basel, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Valais). It is run as a common platform and SPARQL endpoint where the partners experiment with providing archival data as Linked Data.

We will present the current state of the platform, its innovative HTML5 frontend as well as the backend and lessons learned so far. We finish with an outlook of what will happen in the next months and invite interested parties to join our effort.


Adrian Gschwend is co-founder of Zazuko GmbH, the Enterprise Linked Data specialist in Switzerland. He has profound experience in linked data, knowledge management, open source software and project management and participates regularly in leading roles in projects with the Swiss government as well as EU projects (e.g., FP7 Fusepool SME and FusePool P3).

Adrian Gschwend