Kerstin Diwisch


Towards a holistic visualization management for knowledge graphs

Knowledge graph visualization is a big challenge but at the same time a huge success factor for a project. Often, graph visualizations are used but they do not cover all use cases, especially in an industry project. Thus, designing user interfaces for an information system based on semantic models takes a lot of time and effort. As knowledge engineers are not only familiar with the semantic data model but also know about users’ needs they could be a success factor to reduce time and efforts spent. Thus, providing them with ways to create and manage data views using only semantic technologies they are already familiar with has proven to be a viable way in our current industry projects.
Our talk will discuss challenges in knowledge graph visualization, especially for industrial applications and how those challenges were overcome by introducing a visualization management system based solely on semantic technologies. We will also cover lessons learned and key factors to success when deploying such a system.


2014: Graduated at Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Information Science.
Since 2014: PhD student at FernUniversität Hagen. PhD topic: Towards Interoperability, Collaboration and Integration Support for Distributed Archives of Modern Art.
Since 2014: Software Engineer at intelligent views GmbH working mainly on Knowledge Visualization and Semantic Search.

Kerstin Diwisch

Software Engineer

intelligent views GmbH