Krzysztof Cieśliński


Registry of clinical data for PTChO – rectal cancer module.

In my presentation I will show the registry of clinical data that we implemented for the Polish Society of Surgical Oncology (PTChO). This application is in production since the beginning of 2016.

The project goal was to build a central registry for collecting patient’s clinical data from oncological institutions in Poland. The program is a web application in which oncologists all around Poland can add and/or edit patient’s using forms. One of the main system requirement was the possibility to easily edit/expand existing modules or adding new ones. Given our previous experience implementing the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) (presented at the Semantics 2015) we decided that semantic technologies, precisely Automatic Reasoning Based User Interface (ARBUI) approach, perfectly matches this project requirements. In this approach the ontology is used for generating the forms, the transitions and the pages.

Using an ontology gives us two main advantages: the client is able to add new modules of the application easily and the choices inside the application are fully traceable. Furthermore, the collected data being in standard form, can be easily used by the analysts from PTChO to make research on the treatment effectiveness.


I’m a senior software engineer with 5 years of professional experience, with skills in software design and project management.  Enthusiast of semantic technologies and big data – Apache Cassandra certified coach. I’m also  interested in NLP, semantic tagging and text mining.  I have deep knowledge of .NET framework, OOP and design patterns. Currently reconciling programmer duties with a Scrum Master role. I live and work in Warsaw where I have also studied Information Technology & Econometrics on Warsaw University for Life Science. I have started my professional career in Cognitum company, where I’m working till now.

Krzysztof Cieśliński

Senior Software Engineer