Nominees and Ambassadors


LODQuator - Linked Data Quality Assessment Monitor with Luzzu

by Jeremy Debattista - Enterprise Information Systems, University of Bonn/Fraunhofer IAIS | Overall rating: 0

This widespread and rapid adoption of the Linked Data principles has brought an unprecedented dimension on the Web, contributing to the transformation of the Web of Documents to a Web of Data.

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Alignment: a collaborative, system aided, user driven ontology matching application

by Open Knowledge Greece | Overall rating: 0

Alignment offers a simple GUI environment for matching two ontologies or vocabularies, with aid of configurable similarity algorithms. Multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously.

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Ambassador Efstratios Kontopoulos

by Information Technologies Institute Centre for Research and Technology Hellas | Overall rating: 0

Efstratios Kontopoulos, the Ambassador for Greece, works at the Informatics and Telematics Institute (ITI) of the Center for Research and Technology, Hellas.

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Climate Watch

by Climate Watch | Overall rating: 0

Climate Watch multiplies the value of Open Environmental Data. It integrates and enriches them, makes them usable for everyone and creates an ecosystem to connect stakeholders and develop services.

We collect existing datasets, link them, add domain-specific knowledge by means of a user-friendly SaaS platform that facilitates discovery, navigation, analysis and correlation of environmental data. We complement that with streaming data via crowdsourcing in the same format, store them in our database and use them them to power our own application for data-driven research, as well as make them available for utilization by 3rd parties.

More data, easier access, better and more stories in less time and without the pain, that's what we're out to achieve. We limit the time and resources needed to investigate environmental issues, but more importantly, we make a difference by helping get the environmental word out.

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URank: A Prolog System for Collecting and Merging University Rankings for Comparison Using Web Extraction Techniques and Entity Linking through DBpedia / Wikipedia

by Nick Bassiliades | Overall rating: 0

URank is a Prolog application that collects University ranking data from various ranking lists in the web, uniquely identifies University entities using DBpedia, merges ranking data in order to be

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by FORTH-ICS-ISL (Michalis Mountantonakis and Yannis Tzitzikas) | Overall rating: 0

A big number of datasets has been published according to the principles of Linked Data and this number keeps increasing.

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RDF Digest - Effective Summarization of RDF/S KBs

by FORTH-ICS | Overall rating: 0

Given the explosive growth in both data size and schema complexity, data sources are becoming increasingly difficult to use and comprehend.

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PROPheT - PERICLES Ontology Population Tool

by Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Laboratory (MKLab) | Overall rating: 0

PROPheT is a novel tool for instance extraction and ontology population from Linked Open Data (LOD) sources, such as DBpedia and Europeana, through a user-friendly graphical user interface.

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András Micsik

Ambassador Dr. András Micsik

by Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungarian Academy of Sciences | Overall rating: 0

The ambassador for Hungary, András Micsik is a team leader within the Department of Distributed Systems at MTA SZTAKI. 

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