Integrating Enterprise Content & Knowledge

You want to do a deep dive into topics with growing relevance in industry? You want to really understand some aspects, or, want to double-check your ideas with other experts? Join our special session on Enterprise Knowledge, which brings together another group of distinguished experts giving you a focused insight into their perspective and experience. They will join you in World Cafés to discuss possibly controversial or common aspects.

Have you grown curious? Come and see. We are looking forward to having you in this special session.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016 - 10:30 to 12:30
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät SR1
Ute John


Stephen Buxton
Product Manager for Search and Semantics


Data Integration - a Multi-Model Approach

The main challenge - and opportunity - facing enterprises today is not the *volume* of data at their disposal, it's the *variety* of data. Important information is kept in silos in many formats and shapes, with little or no semantic context.


The Unified Governance Use Case - Using semantic web technologies for improved software development processes

This presentation will show how different software development processes like requirements engineering, bug-tracking and customer support can be enhanced by using semantic web technologies. With the help of an extraction pipeline all information e.g.


Creating a Semantic Enterprise Content model to support continuous content acquisition, coverage and utility

Elsevier – a global scientific publisher – is leading the way in advancing science, technology and health.


About the format.

Different small group discussions with a large group of participants: Several coffee houses are set up in parallel, focusing on different viewpoints and questions. You enter the Cafés one after the other in a set frequency, mixing with your fellow colleagues and continuing discussions which were started by another group before.