The dwerft Project - DBpedia and Linked Data for the Media Value Chain

Metadata plays an essential role in film and TV production as well as in the entire media value chain ranging from the idea of a script, followed by production planning, production and post-production, up to distribution and archival .

Product Manager for Wikidata


Wikidata: bringing structured data to Wikipedia with 16000 volunteers

Wikidata is Wikimedia's knowledge base that provides structured data about the world for Wikipedia, its sister projects and the world.


Enriching Content with User Data and Semantic Information

Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford, has been developing semantic enrichment capabilities over a number of years, to improve the management and usage of our books, journals and dictionary content.

Principal Research Scientist Siemens, Professor @ LMU


Learning with Memory Embeddings and its Application in the Digitalization of Healthcare

Embedding learning, a.k.a. representation learning,  has been shown to be able to model large-scale semantic knowledge graphs.

Lead data architect


Linked data experience at Springer Nature

Building discovery services for scientific and scholarly content on top of a semantic data model

Analytics Strategist, IBM


The Semantics of the Human Network

Turning Chaos into Clarity

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