Lydia Pintscher


Wikidata: bringing structured data to Wikipedia with 16000 volunteers

Wikidata is Wikimedia's knowledge base that provides structured data about the world for Wikipedia, its sister projects and the world. It was started 4 years ago and has grown into a significant player in the open data and Wikimedia ecosystem. This talk will give
you insights into the current state of the project. It will go into the successes as well as struggles the project still has and share lessons learned from bringing structured data to Wikipedia.


Lydia Pintscher studied computer science at the University of Karlsruhe. She started doing marketing, and later community and release management for Amarok. She has since moved on to community management and running mentoring programs for all of KDE. She is on the board of directors of KDE e.V. since 2011. Since 2013 she's Product Manager for Wikidata. 

For more information please have a look at her resume and this collection of links to various other websites like social networks, whishlists, code repositories and more.

Product Manager for Wikidata