Thomas Vavra

Better Data and Analysis – New Ways of Handling Old Data

We can talk about Big Data, Cognitive systems and a variety of other technologies and approaches. More important is defining what we want to know and how to go about it. After that, choosing the right technology becomes easier. In this presentation, we will look at what types of technologies are being used around the world and which of them are gaining traction. How things are developing around the world, here in Europe and what use cases are gaining traction will also be discussed.


With over 12 years of experience at IDC in a variety of senior roles, Thomas Vavra is an expert on the ICT industry, with a special focus on current trends in software markets across the region.  As one of IDC CEMA's top speakers, Vavra's insight is sought for numerous international consulting engagements covering  a wide array of IT topics. He is considered a leading authority on big data, business intelligence, enterprise software, and security in the region's emerging markets and beyond.

Vavra is frequently quoted in IT trade publications and newspapers, and has been interviewed by various television news outlets. He has also had numerous articles published in the IT press in the CEMA region, covering topics such as business intelligence, outsourcing, and enterprise software.

Thomas Vavra holds a BA from Binghamton University and an MA in international affairs from The George Washington University. He speaks Czech.

Associate Vice President, Software and Customer Insights and Analysis