(Semi)automatic conversion of tabular data to Linked Data

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 13:30 to 17:00
Campus Augusteum

Chairs: Tomas Knap, Semantic Web Company, t.knap@semantic­web.at, Ziqi Zhang, The University of Sheffield, ziqi.zhang@sheffield.ac.ukSuvodeep Mazumdar, s.mazumdar@sheffield.ac.uk


More and more governmental organizations publish their data as open data (most typically as CSV files1). Nevertheless, in order to publish such data as Linked Data, further non­trivial effort is needed, which is often not done by these organizations. The goal of the workshop is to present the approaches we (Semantic Web Company and University of Sheffield) use to simplify publishing of Linked Data from tabular data by using tools for (semi)automatic conversion of tabular data to Linked Data. We would like to discuss the issues/lessons learned we have so far, present the evaluations of such tools, and future directions in that area, etc. 

Preliminary Agenda:

  • Introduction, general issues, tools (Tomas, Ziqi)
  • ADEQUATe project and the approach we took at Semantic Web Company (Tomas)
  • Projects at University of Sheffield and the approach taken (Ziqi)
  • Lessons learned, future directions, general discussion on that topic (Tomas, Ziqi)


The organizers of the workshop work in the area of Linked Data for 7+ years, have experience with various projects where the goal was to convert existing (structured) data to Linked Data. As explained above, many organizations found it difficult to produce Linked Data, because there is no tool which would simplify enough the conversion of their data to Linked Data. We follow this demand and work on the tools which will allow that ­­ such tools will be beneficial for the whole Linked Data community. 

Intended audience:

  • Data publishers looking for a tool which would simplify publishing of Linked Data from their existing (tabular) data
  • Data wranglers converting various data to Linked Data and looking for the way how to simplify their work
  • Anybody who would like to get information about the lessons learned of using existing tools for converting tabular data to Linked Data in couple of projects

Learning outcome:

Overview of the tools we (Semantic Web Company) and (University of Sheffield) use/work on to simplify publication of tabular data as Linked Data. Lessons learned from using such tools, future directions