The Fast Track to Knowledge Engineering

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 13:30 to 17:00
Campus Augustinum

Your trainer: Nika Mizerski, Product Manager of PoolParty Semantic Suite

Take your chance and become a certified PoolParty Knowledge Engineering specialist. PoolParty Academy provides interested SEMANTiCS participants with a certification voucher.  The training regularly costs 800 EUR (900 USD). Up to 20 SEMANTiCS participants can complete the certification for free. Start the program 12th of September 2016 in Leipzig and join a growing community of industrial Semantic Web professionals.


  About the PoolParty Knowledge Engineering Certification

The PoolParty Academy was launched in 2016 and provides certification trainings for Semantic Web technologies. The user base of the PoolParty Semantic Suite has experienced rapid growth in recent years as innovative corporations are in high demand for talent in cognitive computing. This certificate from the leading Semantic Web technology vendor acknowledges your applicable knowledge in the fields of semantic solutions.

The Curriculum

  • Review of central Semantic Web methodologies
  • Application scenarios of Semantic Web technologies
  • How to build taxonomies and ontologies with PoolParty
  • Using Linked Data and Text Mining to enrich knowledge graphs
  • Step-by-step guide how to build semantic applications

Your benefits

  • You get certified as Knowledge Engineering specialist, which is a valuable credential for global data-driven companies.
  • Benefit from a live classroom. Combine learning with fun and get to know other aspiring knowledge engineers.
  • You get access to the leading industrial semantic suite for a month, which will strengthen your practical skills even further.
  • You become part of a network of knowledge engineering practitioners.
  • You get a collection of Semantic Web success stories in industries as Pharma & Healthcare, Media & Publishing, E-Commerce and Government.  


  • First come, first serve. 20 SEMANTiCS participants can join the certification program.
  • Please register for the course and indicate your level of expertise. The course will be adapted to the participant's background.
  • The Fast Track to Knowledge Engineering covers only a part of the PoolParty certification training. You will have to invest approximately 4 hours afterwards, to complete the certification successfully.
  • Please bring your notebook, as we will start solving individual tasks within the course that are part of your certification.