Vincit Search - dynamic views creator for semantic data

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The figure illustrates a query processed on example database of Nobel Prizes.

Data views predefined by a database administrator are often not detailed enough. The templates can’t meet all of the user’s informational needs. Therefore, extraction of specific data from multiple sources sometimes is not possible or requires extensive effort and time. Vincit Search helps in creating personal, multidimensional data views on an ontological knowledge base. It allows to quickly, easily, and independently explore any semantic data source. Vincit Search delivers searched data as an accurate list, with retrieved entities equipped with values of properties specified by the user.

The solution is generic, so it works on any ontological database, described in RDF/OWL. It is possible to explore any type of content, regardless of its structure, domain, branch or resource size.

Vincit Search provides: (i) a definition of a query context (ii) dynamic views building (iii) complex query creating (iv) walking through the data.

Easy and efficient searching for everybody:
- SPARQL syntax knowledge is not necessary; even users without a technical knowhow can create individual views.
- Everybody has the access to the whole knowledge database- including all available categories and objects.
- Searching through the knowledge database is not restricted and can be done in a very flexible and easy manner.


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