Unilexicon: A vocabulary editor and content tagging suite

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These tools were developed to address two needs:

1. A general purpose, usable, web-based system allowing the development of skos-based controlled vocabularies
Visual taxonomy editor for managing controlled vocabularies allows to use beautiful hyper tree graphs to explore and edit controlled vocabularies. Predictive concept autocompletion helps to quickly build relationships between concepts. Concept prioritisation is implemented using intuitive drag and drop interface. Allows to comprehend and manage relations in large taxonomies, even 语文.

2. An extension tool allowing editors of the content management system to easily tag content against a collection of vocabularies
Tagging tool to tag content contextually using concepts from controlled vocabularies managed with Unilexicon. Integrated in a web browser, rather than the content management system itself to provide decoupled interface. Works contextually as a Chrome browser extension.

František Malina, Unilexicon

3 School Drive
WN57LR Billinge, Wigan , LAN
United Kingdom