The main backbone of the Synergistic Web is the developed semantic Kernel-Standards language. This language is capable to describe the meaning of a particular sentence, regardless of the document and without using the keywords technique.
Sentence is the basic information unit. It is modeled by a linguistic method of actual division of a sentence. This method of semantic analysis of the sentence, used in linguistics, reveals the Theme- Rheme communicative structure of a sentence. For numeric sentences (measures), it is suggested to implement the so-called non-classic actual division of the sentence, which reveals additional Parameter- Focus communicative structure, only characteristic of measures. The metadata, revealed by these methods, determine the proposed semantic language-
Kernel- Standard language.[1,2,3]. The language expression syntax is constructed taking into account these communication structures, respectively, of the Parameter- Focus (for measures) and of the Theme- Rheme (for non-numeric sentences). The language phrases are self-descriptive, since the metadata is represented inside them explicitly. The language is comprehensible to humans, since it is close to a natural language, and it is perceived by machines, due to its expressions formality. The language can generally describe content meaning of sources (documents, web pages etc.) in terms of sentences classes. These generalized meta-descriptions of content are placed in the resource envelope. The simultaneous availability of homonymous attributes in the content meta-descriptions of various resources causes a synergistic connection effect of such resources, the semantic web effect that eliminates the need for any hyperlinks, which is a unique feature of the Synergetic Web.
Compared to the Linked Data the Synergistic Web as its functional analog. It is able to solve many problems that are solved in Linked Data, but in amore economical, simpler and concise way. The main advantage of Synergistic Web in terms of data connecting as opposed to the existing LOD system is the fact that data in the connected resources to Synergistic Web do not require any preliminary processing, reformatting etc. It would be sufficient to supply them with special envelopes in Kernel language and they are ready for operation in the mode of linked data.
A semantic search is performed, when to a direct meaningful question, in case of a machine-readable content, is given a direct answer. The request might prescribe and then automatically generate the result format.

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