The Research and Education Space (RES)


The Research and Education Space (RES) project aims to improve access to the UK’s public archives for use in UK education and research, by facilitating the use of audio-visual and other archive media in teaching and learning. The vision for the RES project grew out of a desire to enrich the materials available for teaching and study in the UK. It has been developed as part of the BBC’s Archive Strategy, to deliver significant public value from the BBC’s own huge archive, by making as much of it as possible available to those in formal UK learning, from primary schools through to universities.
The project comprises:
A partnership between the BBC, Learning on Screen and Jisc, working in collaboration with the GLAM and Education Technology sectors.
An open platform (Acropolis) - built by the BBC, which organises and indexes the catalogues of publicly-held archives.
A public service for UK education - working with public sector organisations, eg The British Museum, British Library, the BBC to release their digital collections as linked open data.

BBC in partnership with with Learning on Screen and Jisc

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