Recycl3R: Recycling waste items via Open Data and semantics


Recycl3R is a tool that supports and engages citizens in the task of recycling their waste items by providing direct access to residue information and waste disposal locations.
Waste production is still a pending issue in our society. Europe generates large amounts and types of waste. It is estimated that Europe produces annually over 250 million tons of household waste and more than 850 million of industrial waste.
Recycl3R tries to solve this problem by enabling direct and quick access to information in order to promote consumer recycling in cities.
The most significant aspect of Recycl3R is the way how data about residues and disposal locations have been combined and presented to the user by means of a search engine, which drastically facilitates its consumption.


Recycl3R Asutrian headquarters
Fischnalerstrasse, 19
6020 Innsbruck