Pharmaguard is semantic web based assistant for personal medication & drug safety that runs on Android and iOS mobile devices.

The Pharmaguard main use cases

Drug Safety Assistant

PharmaGuard raises an alert when specified drug-problematic situation occurs such us potential drugs interactions or the viewed drug is an antibiotics, for example. PharmaGuard implements extended method of drug’s PIL and SPC semantic annotations, which combined with ATC (The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System) offers rich information about the possible drugs interactions. Simirarly when an user is viewing an antibiotics based drug, the PharmaGuard shows info to consider CRP (C-reactive protein) test to distinguish between viral or bacterial infection, to avoid usage of ATB drug at all.

Personal Medication Assistant

However, PharmaGuard is standard personal medication assistance in general. It offers functionality such us searching for drugs, following drugs, finding generics subtitions of drugs, verification possible drugs interactions and pharmacies location.


PharmaGuard uses LOD Slovakia as primary source of data. LOD Slovakia is Linked Open Data Cloud of public data (transformed to RDF) where many digital assets are connected to drugs (drugs, drug forms, PIL, SPC, ATC). Moreover, LOD Slovakia is enriched by ATC based interactions from Drugbank project, hence it is also possible to infer interactions between drugs in the Slovak drug market based on DrugBank.


Backend- GraphDB
Frontend - Angular

Download for Android

Download for iOS

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