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Main screen of MapXplore, highlighting some of its features.

What are the most important kinds of things in any city in the world? Public buildings? Mountains? Museums? Find out with MapXplore.

The application shows all Wikipedia entries around a selected location. This can be the current location, or selected with an address search, or by dropping a pin anywhere on the world map. The locations are classified according to Wikipedia categories, so the user instantly gets an idea of what sort of things the city has to offer. Individual Wikipedia entries can then be selected, and explored through a number of linked data sources.

The app displays comprehensive information about Wikipedia articles with a geo location, including photos, the wikipedia article itself, maps, and RDF (resource description framework) data from linked data providers like dbpedia, freebase, and All users will appreciate the Wikipedia articles and photographs, but more adventurous users can explore RDF (semantic links) by clicking the displayed links.

Csaba Veres

Øvre Kråkenes 63a Bønes
5152 Bergen , HL