LOTUS: A Search Engine for the Web of Data


It is surprisingly difficult to find things on today's Web of Data.  You need an IRI to start traversing the interconnected knowledge graph.  But how do you find such a resource-denoting IRI? On the Web of Documents you can use a search engine.  Unfortunately, there are currently no search engines for the Web of Data. This is where LOTUS kicks in.

LOTUS, or Linked Open Text UnleaShed, is a text-based entry point to a large subset of today's Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud.  It allows 2 billion unique Linked Data IRIs to be searched based on an index that
covers 4.3 billion literals. Advanced users can further customize the text-based retrieval in LOTUS to fit better a wealth of use cases. Try it out over at http://lodsearch.org.


The Network Institute, VU Amsterdam

VU University Amsterdam
De Boelelaan 1105
1081HV Amsterdam