LODmilla: a Linked Data browser for all

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LODmilla (http://lodmilla.sztaki.hu/lodmilla/) is an open effort to evolve a generic platform for exploring and editing Linked Open Data. Our aim is to enable the extraction and sharing of data associations (or information) hidden in Linked Open Data. LODmilla is an open web application supporting graph views, graph searching and many other commodity features for surfing over Linked Data. The main difference with other existing LOD browsers is that only selected triples are shown, and the prepared 'association graphs' can be easily shared with others. It is possible to make simple edits such as adding, changing or deleting triples also for non-experts, even without any knowledge of RDF. The service is open, the JavaScript source code is on GitHub.

Department of Distributed Systems - SZTAKI


Lagymanyosi u. 11.
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