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Linked Data Explorer is a search and browse tool for Linked Data with rich customization capabilities baked in. The application features an innovative two-level customization approach offering customization options to both expert and non-expert users to alter the display of the browsed data resources.

The basic building blocks of the browser are miniapplications - small widgets responsible to display arbitrary information about a resource. The simplest form of a miniapplication is a custom template that defines how to display a particular resource property. In addition, the project enables users to define custom SPARQL queries and define conditions and priorities when and in what order to present defined miniapplications.

When browsing a resource, a collection of miniapplications describing the resource is presented to the user. The user can then alter the default behavior by creating a custom view - a definition of a page layout and order of miniapplications. Furthermore, the user can specify a class of resources to apply the custom view to. For example, a single custom view can be applied to all data entities of a particular type.

Custom views are created in a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) manner - the user can rearrange the layout of miniapplications by drag and drop operations with immediate visual feedback. Thus, the user can perform this task without any expert knowledge.

Karel Klima

Pod Javory 30
14800 Prague
Czech Republic