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semantic mind map

Example of a semantic mind map which can be quickly generated by browsing and selecting linked data.

AutoMindFree makes it easy to do research for assignments, projects, presentations, or simply for personal knowledge.

Using state-of-the-art semantic and linked data technologies, the app lets you select from a large number of linked facts found on WikiPedia, CIA World Factbook.

The key facts are presented as “semantic" or "rich" mind maps, a revolutionary new way to organise and review knowledge. The automatically generated mind maps are clickable, enabling you to drill down and discover additional new facts.

** Note that the FREE VERSION uses a public data server to collect the facts. The server is not always on line, and the data can have many duplicates. The paid version uses a much more reliable data server and includes additional data from news services and Project Gutenberg Books. Please purchase the paid version if you find this tool useful and would like a more reliable and complete data source.

See product web site for details.
Facebook page for product news and update information.


* Find facts from WikiPedia, CIA World Factbook and Project Gutenberg.
* Select only the facts you want
* Preview rich mind maps within the application
* View all selected facts in a simple outline form (point form)
* All facts are referenced with a URL
* Export as a clickable HTML rich mind map, which can be used for knowledge reviews or for presentations.
* Export in mind map format for further editing with many free or commercial mind mapping tools on the iPad or Desktop
* Export as rich text format which can be used to create text documents (reports) or slide presentations.
* Export as OPML for use with outliner applications.
* Share image of RDF on Twitter, Facebook.
* Follow us on @AutoMindCreator

Example maps (these full size maps are best viewed on a desktop computer):


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