Ask Data Anything - Business Intelligence for the Semantic Data Lake


Ask Data Anything is a Business Intelligence program where the context of the data is separated from the data itself and stored as a Semantic description of the data. Thanks to this separation, it is possible to access the data from different perspectives without the need to change the content of the data. Furthemore being compatible with Semantic technologies, it is possible to easily extend the data by taking the ontology from the Linked Open Data world (e.g. Dbpedia). In our product we have also implemented a natural language interface to the data that is leveraging the power of ontologies for synonyms and other interesting features.

Using our product it is possible to connect the data that the company has with Open Linked Data to enhance internal data. Furthermore the context of the data is kept and generated in standard OWL/RDF format, thus if a company using our program wants to Open their data set it will be simpler for them to do it.


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