Philippe Martin

Research & Innovation

Importing, Translating and Exporting Knowledge via an Ontology of Knowledge Representation Languages

This article introduces KRLO, an ontology of knowledge representation languages (KRLs), the first to represent KRL abstract models in a uniform way and the first to represent KRL notations, i.e., concrete models. Thus, KRLO can help design tools handling many KRLs and letting their end-users design or adapt KRLs. KRLO also represent KRL import, translation and export methods in a declarative way, both via Datalog like rules and pure functions.


Dr Philippe Martin is Associate Professor at the University of La Réunion (France) since 2009. His main interests are knowledge representation (KR), sharing and retrieval. He developped one knowledge acquisition tool (CGKAT), two complementary knowledge servers (WebKB-1 and WebKB-2;, several KR notations (e.g., FL, FE and FCG), an ontology of KR languages (KRLO; notations and models), one large general ontology (the MSO), some knowledge sharing protocols and some KR best practices. He obtained his PhD at the INRIA (France) in 1996. Then, for 11 years, he worked in Australia, first as a researcher at the University of Adelaide, Griffith University and DSTC, then as senior lecturer at Griffith University. After coming back to France in 2007, he first worked for Eurecom as a researcher and then at the University of La Réunion.