Fishbowl: Knowledge Graphs – The next frontier

Knowledge Graphs (KG) have been used throughout the community and industry successfully for several years now. In this session we bring together KG experts from different areas to discuss with us their success, experience, learnings and vision for the future. 

  • Initial lightning talks by Andreas Blumauer and Hans Uszkoreit. 
    Hans Uszkoreit focusses his work on KGs in the web context. Andreas Blumauer adds his perspective on KGs in an enterprise context, „Stop making Silos. Make Sense of your Data by use of Semantic Graphs.“ Both will give us a brief insight into their perspective before joining our discussion group in the fishbowl.
  • Discussion with Andreas Blumauer, Hans Uszkoreit, Michele Pasin, Hans-Christian Brockmann plus two open seats.
    Everybody in the audience is invited to bring his/her own views, experience and questions into this discussion by joining the fishbowl and address this round directly. We are looking very much forward to a vivid, multi-view dialogue on one of our key semantic tools, the Knowledge Graph.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 10:45 to 12:15
Christian Dirschl & Ute John



About the format.

Four to five chairs are arranged in an inner circle. This is the fishbowl. The remaining chairs are arranged in concentric circles outside the fishbowl. A few participants are selected to fill the fishbowl, while the rest of the group sit on the chairs outside the fishbowl. In an open fishbowl, any member of the audience can, at any time, occupy the empty chair and join the fishbowl. When this happens, an existing member of the fishbowl must voluntarily leave the fishbowl and free a chair. The discussion continues with participants frequently entering and leaving the fishbowl. When time runs out, the fishbowl is closed and the moderator summarizes the discussion.