Christian Opitz

LEDS Linked Enterprise Data Services

Semantic E-Commerce - Use Cases in Enterprise Web Applications

Semantic technologies offer a wide range of benefits in an increasing number of application fields such as data management, business intelligence, machine learning etc. However - likely due to their complexity and the ambiguous business value - semantics yet play a little role in SME applications. As e-commerce industry partner of the LEDS project, Netresearch identified concrete use cases for semantic technologies, that provide improved solutions for common business requirements like data integration, content creation, catalog management and search.


Christian Opitz started studying mechanical engineering at the university of applied sciences Merseburg in 2004. Two years later he changed his course of study to media and communications technology and finished this course as Bachelor. Afterwards he continued and delved his study with a master course in technical editing and knowledge communication in Merseburg. He completed his study with the best master thesis of the year in faculty of informatics and communication systems in Merseburg.

While his study Christian Opitz founded his own agency Netzelf and developed several TYPO3 websites for his customers as an independent developer and project manager. In 2012 he started working at the internet and e-commerce agency Netresearch GmbH & Co. KG as a project manager in TYPO3 projects. Now he is head of the innovation management and responsible for all innovation activities of the company like the research project LEDS. Additionally he is the contact person for his colleagues regarding innovation ideas and their practical realisation at Netresearch.

Christian Opitz

Head of innovation management

Netresearch GmbH & Co. KG