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View of the concept Cable-stayed bridge in CB-NL

Cable-stayed bridge is a subtype of Bridge. The semantic definition formulates the discriminating property by which it is distinguished from its parent.
It also gives the supertypes in the taxonomy, from which it inherits all given discriminating properties.

CB-NL Conceptlibrary for the Built environment in the Netherlands

by Stichting BIM-loket | Overall rating: 0

The CB-NL is an initiative of the BIR (Dutch Building Information Council),

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Data Clouds for product life-cycle management - exchange and integration of Road Assets information

by Semmtech B.V. | Overall rating: 0

Exchange and bringing together overlapping or complementing information from various sources, applications, and perspectives has been a major issue in both commercial and scientific domains. Several aspects can be identified that complicate the realization of a solution to the problem one of the largest being the way in which information is offered. Differences in formats or structures of information as well as differences in vocabulary provide hurdles for the interoperability and integration of information.

In the past 5-10 years, Semmtech has been working on a so called SEMMweb Data Cloud-solution, making full use of Semantic Web-technology in an advanced and innovative manner. A Data Cloud is a coherent set of information that can be used by different software from different suppliers unbound by the location where the information is stored. A Data Cloud can be a single autonomous set of information or a collection of different sets which link information into a coherent whole. A Data Cloud can describe any business domain, like for instance civil engineering products, throughout its life-cycle, while different parts (subsets) of the data are managed by different parties in the supply chain, with different software from different vendors. Information in a Data Cloud is retrievable via the Internet and can be (re)used by different parties to add data about any object, contributing to one big ’cloud’ of data that covers parts of or even the whole range of references and attributes related to an object.

An interesting case that combines some of the most relevant components of the Data Cloud-solution in a working prototype is the V-con project. The prime focus of this prototype is to tackle a set of interoperability challenges as set by two National Road Authorities (i.e. Rijkswaterstaat and Trafikverket) in a European project by the name of Virtual Construction for Roads (V-Con). Specifically in this project, Semmtech is partnering with the global engineering firm Arcadis.

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Pan-European Navigation of Legal Content

by Wolters Kluwer and EPAM Systems | Overall rating: 0

Wolters Kluwer recognizes the changing needs of its evolving markets to supply customers, especially corporate counsel and corporate advisors with content services covering multiple countries and

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GVK Online begrip vreemdeling

GVK Online

by Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie, Directoraat-Generaal Vreemdelingenzaken, Directie Regie Vreemdelingenketen, Afdeling Ketenvoorzieningen | Overall rating: 0

In this project we developed and published an interorganizational datadictionary, a glossary, via a website and based on linked data technology (RDF, SKOS).

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Ambassador Erwin Folmer

by GEONOVUM | Overall rating: 0

Erwin Folmer, the Ambassador for the Netherlands is experienced leader, scientist and consultant at the cross field of business and ICT.

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LOD Laundromat architecture

LOD Laundromat architecture

LOD Laundromat

by Knowledge Representation & Reasoning group, VU University Amsterdam | Overall rating: 0

The LOD Laundromat ( is a platform that cleans, harmonizes and republishes Linked Open Data (LOD).

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AutoMindFree screenshot

Semantic MindMap created by AutoMindFree linked data app


by Csaba Veres | Overall rating: 0

AutoMindFree makes it easy to do research for assignments, projects, presentations, or simply for personal knowledge.

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semantic mind map

Example of a semantic mind map which can be quickly generated by browsing and selecting linked data.


by Csaba Veres | Overall rating: 0

AutoMind is a paid iPad and iPhone app that allows people to browse linked data from various sources and gather relevant facts into a new kind of representation we call semantic mind maps. AutoMindFree is the free version with some limitations.

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Main screen of MapXplore, highlighting some of its features.


by Csaba Veres | Overall rating: 0

What are the most important kinds of things in any city in the world? Public buildings? Mountains? Museums? Find out with MapXplore.

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Ask Data Anything - Business Intelligence for the Semantic Data Lake

by Cognitum | Overall rating: 0

Ask Data Anything is a Business Intelligence program where the context of the data is separated from the data itself and stored as a Semantic description of the data.

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