Nominees and Ambassadors


Ambassador Hele-Mai Haav

by Tallinn University of Technology | Overall rating: 0

Hele-Mai Haav, the Ambassador for Estonia. is a senior researcher at Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology.

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by Artem Katasonov, Senior Scientist at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland | Overall rating: 0

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WAVES: Big Data Platform for Real-time Semantic Stream Management

by ATOS | Overall rating: 0














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Semantic as a service.  GT and NP Components.

Semantic as a service. The complexity of semantic engineering is encapsulated inside GT and NP Components and hidden behind a very simple network interface.
The application development is traditional because majority of semantic related aspects are encapsulated in NP or GT Components that are external and already accomplished.

Semantic as a Service

by Ali Hassan | Overall rating: 0

Section One: Innovation - Semantic as a Service

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LODQuator - Linked Data Quality Assessment Monitor with Luzzu

by Jeremy Debattista - Enterprise Information Systems, University of Bonn/Fraunhofer IAIS | Overall rating: 0

This widespread and rapid adoption of the Linked Data principles has brought an unprecedented dimension on the Web, contributing to the transformation of the Web of Documents to a Web of Data.

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by Philipp Dowling | Overall rating: 0

We created Tracedeck, a knowledge-web powered Chrome extension that automatically discovers and links relevant structured information to the page a user is browsing.

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KN(owl)edge - Incident Collaboration Tool

by Kühne + Nagel | Overall rating: 0

The Incident Collaboration Tool is the first semantic web application at Kühne + Nagel based on the internal Linked Data Platform KN(owl)edge.

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Architecture of the Compliance Navigator

Architecture of the Compliance Navigator

Compliance Activator

by Analytical Semantics | Overall rating: 0

Compliance Activator is a service based on innovative semantic analysis technology. It supports compliance managers in identifying changes in regulations which might be relevant for their work.

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Industrial Data Space: Semantic integration of Enterprise Data with VoCol

by Fraunhofer IAIS | Overall rating: 0

Nowadays, business processes are being digitized across all industries. Just-in-time manufacturing and mass customization generate vast amounts of data at a faster pace than ever.

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OpenResearch: Collaborative Management of Scholarly Communication Metadata

by Sören Auer- Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW) University of Leipzig and Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), University of Bonn | Overall rating: 0

Using the current communication channels, researchers spend a lot of time on reading and assessing the information about relevant scientific events, research projects, and tools.

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