Nominees and Ambassadors

United Kingdom

Unilexicon: Taxonomy editor and tagging suite.

by Frank Malina | Overall rating: 0

Unilexicon™ a visual editor and taxonomy manager for authoring controlled vocabularies with a content tagging extension.

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Unilexicon: A vocabulary editor and content tagging suite

by František Malina, Unilexicon | Overall rating: 0

New collaborative tools for creation and management of taxonomies, and using them to tag content. Simple knowledge organization system (SKOS) thesaurus software for distributed groups and organisations.

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ADA - Automated Data Architecture

by BBC Radio & Music Multiplatform | Overall rating: 0

ADA is a new way to navigate the archive of programmes from the BBC. It uses linked data to surface semantically linked recommendations for related programmes.

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The Research and Education Space (RES)

by BBC in partnership with with Learning on Screen and Jisc | Overall rating: 0

The Research and Education Space (RES) project aims to improve access to the UK’s public archives for use in UK education and research, by facilitating the use of audio-visual and other archive med

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